Who We Are

Sargenti sets standards of distinction through meritorious business practice and exclusivity, providing architecture, engineering, and design that leaves a lasting impression through iconic spaces and signature concepts.

We are a one-stop, one-point of contact company with over 20 years of experience, working with an array of industries including retail, hospitality, restaurant, big box, automotive, construction, and corporate interiors. Our unique model keeps costs low and quality high, delivering on the brand promise and everything that it communicates to the client.


Success comes from something real and authentic. The most influential and enduring brands are designed by the heart. You must have your heart in the business and your business in your heart.

Robert J. Sargenti Jr., AIA, LEED


The one thing I cannot control is when there are homemade chocolate chip cookies anywhere near me.

James Andriulli

Senior Director of Operations

Still trying to find my perfect wave in an endless summer.

Sean McGuinness, CDP

Hospitality Business Director

This year I will train for and receive my Wilderness First Responders Certification.

Melanie Gifford

Director of Business Development

My first language is German.

Nikki Francisco, LEED AP

Design Director

I'm famous. My entire family knows me.

Eliezer Baguio

Studio Director

"Never Give up"- the movie title for the story of my life.

Douha Ellis, RA

Studio Director

Played piano and basketball in the past.

Adam Revesz

Studio Director

I love to travel, ride roller coasters, enjoy craft beer and am a huge fan of baseball. Go Sox!

The key to a company’s success starts with employee happiness. It’s simple – happy employees make happy customers. It’s an excellent sentiment and the right strategy.”

Sandra Rivas-Sarmiento

Studio Director

I have a little white chihuahua named Lizzy.

Beth-Ann Rosenbluth

Managing Director - Philadelphia

I'm an equestrian and grew up as an avid competitor.

Shane Molnar

Managing Director - Scottsdale

I have been to Hawaii 32 times!

Brady Titus

Managing Director - Los Angeles

I have a not so secret love of karaoke…

Never settle for customer satisfaction. Always aim for customer loyalty. Get to know your customers so well, you know what they need before they have the opportunity to tell you themselves.”


We pride ourselves on the healthy, long-term relationships we build with our clients through quality, practicality and understanding their needs and wants.

Jonathan Olguin

Studio Director

I am a tequila connoisseur.

Team Members

Teamwork and collaboration generate creativity and innovation. At Sargenti, we harbor a synergistic culture, productively working together to ensure that the passion behind our projects resonates within. We take pride in our work, striving to produce the most unique, aesthetically attractive designs.

Senior Project Manager
  • Alexander S Peck
  • Anthony G. Gerardi, AIA, NCARB
  • Brian R. Walsh
  • Chrisantha T. Simolaris
  • Ellen C. Blakely
  • Garron Macklin
  • Gauri Shirvalkar
  • George R. Miller
  • Kevin R. Kievit
  • Kristen A. Lombardo
  • Maria E. Sarrido
  • Richard T. Torres
  • Wesley L. Short
  • Yaakov Lisker
  • Yasser A. Moustafa
  • Joseph J. LaGuardia, Jr.
Project Manager II
  • Gabrielle Avallone
  • Scott De Lello
  • Per Anders Sandström
  • Donna Weber
Project Manager I
  • Americo Tartaglione
  • Fatma S. Asadurian
  • Grissel Abreu-Garcia
  • James A. Anderson
  • Katie Monteith
  • Kaizen Chen
  • Manuel Alberto Veliz
  • Mary S. Wong
  • Maureen P.M. Wolfe
  • Melissa A. Bryner
  • Nicole Stafford
  • Simone K. Short
  • Veronica Castrillon
  • Thomas Pacelli
  • Lisa Conrad
  • Jeffrey Lewis
  • Angelica Rodriguez
Marketing Team
  • Agata Torbus | Marketing Manager
  • Casandra Planes | Marketing Coordinator

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Sargenti strives to provide the best service to its clients. Work is performed in a timely and thorough manner with a focus on accountability and an eye on quality. Our ability to provide superior service is directly related to the expertise and workmanship of our employees. For more information on how we can be of service to you, contact us today.

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We are building a versatile community that works together as a team with an open space concept. We invite you to view our current opportunities and see how you can bring your intrinsic enthusiasm, talent and motivation to the team.