Our Services

Corporate Interiors

Sargenti Architects provides design services to corporations & commercial real estate developers, property groups and private organizations throughout the US. We create world class successful environments for commercial tenants as well as dynamic designs that reflects the visions of our client. We unvaryingly work with our clients to ensure that their design requirements are met and the best interests of the projects are diligently upheld.

We leverage a team of workplace solution planning specialists, architects, interior designers, engineers and construction management professionals to provide our clients with the tools they need to meet all of their facilities planning and program prerequisites. Sargenti’s design team has developed an exceptional way of translating our client’s brand, corporate mission, strategic workplace needs or desired experience into a tangible, thoughtfully developed atmosphere. This strategic approach to designing workplace solutions brings our client a better perspective and home for reaching long standing business ambitions.

Sargenti Architects offers a range of integrated services to incorporate the entire lifecycle of a project. Our team is committed to providing exceptional services and delivering outstanding results. Great architecture changes the way you feel. A well-designed building or space has the ability to both physically and culturally transform people, groups and entire institutions.

We help our clients capture that potential by designing spaces that seamlessly combine form, function and feeling. We apply experience to deliver groundbreaking solutions that reflect both the pragmatic needs  of our clients and the critical demands of a sustainable world.

Construction Management 

Sargenti’s Construction Management Department takes the hard work of the Client’s Design and Architectural teams and creates the completed store that the customer shops. In the fast-paced atmosphere of retail construction it takes our dedicated team to orchestrate and coordinate the G.C. and field team to deliver the finished product on time.

Aside from construction management, our team handles expediting in New Jersey, budgeting & value engineering solutions, general contractor recommendations and assists our Architectural teams with complex details.

Retail Rollout

Sargenti Architects has built our foundation as a retail roll-out firm. Over the years, we’ve developed strong departments that successfully aid our clients in all elements of architecture. Our core focus is on maintaining our customers brand identity and prototype design in each location. We do this by providing the entire architecture and engineering service package from self-performing site surveys, to schematic design, construction documents, permitting, engineering and construction administration.

Our main objective is to keep costs low while rapidly constructing the store. We are with you through every step of the process. At Sargenti Architects, we know that the sooner we complete your project, the sooner you can start making money!

Design Department

The Sargenti Design Department is responsible for all creative projects within the architectural design firm. With a wealth of exercises ranging in scale and scope to perfectly meet all their clients needs, the team creates innovative responses to any problem. 

Execution of full prototype designs and re-branding is just as important as quick renderings to assist our clients. Project management is paramount with the team in direct contact with all client parties, contractors, fabricators, and consultants to ensure a smooth transition from project kickoff to completion.

Working closely with the architectural team, whether it is our partners in house or a party selected by the client, the Design Department works to streamline the construction process . Our team works to ensure the finished product meets all timelines, budget, and especially the final vision set by the client.

Our main objective is to deliver a finished project that meets and exceeds our clients’ demands. No project is too small to be executed meticulously.