Eliezer Baguio

Studio Director

Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.” Abraham Lincoln

Eliezer V. Baguio received his Bachelor of Architecture from New York Institute of Technology and has worked in various architecture firms.

However, most of his strong client relationships were built at Sargenti Architects for over 15 years. He has over 22 years of retail, commercial and residential architectural experience that manages multiple client accounts from inception through completion. Part of his job description at Sargenti Architects includes manage and complete multiple client accounts, oversee the entire architectural process as well as the coordination and review of construction drawings; maintain strong client relationships, project timelines, profitability, manpower scheduling; and direct work with assigned staff. Eliezer is currently managing Innisfree, Muji, Chopt, DXL, Fossil, ALDO, New York & Co, Ashley Stewart, Seven Eleven (7-11), Heidenberg Properties Group, “White Box” for Pyramid Group & Simon Property Group, and the Automotive Division.

Also, beside managing his own clients, he also manages his Studio that consists of 4 Senior Project Managers with their own team and clients. He oversees the progress and profitability of the projects that each Senior Project Managers are managing.

Team Members

  • George R. Miller Senior Project Manager

  • Wesley L. Short Senior Project Manager

  • Brian R. Walsh Senior Project Manager

  • Melissa A. Bryner Project Manager I

  • Manuel Alberto Veliz Project Manager I

  • Nicole Lee Assistant Project Manager

  • Brent Murphy Assistant Project Manager

  • Victor Del Corro Lead Drafter

  • Tom Pacelli Lead Drafter

  • Thomas Anderson Drafter

  • Margo Lucas Drafter

  • Denisse Taylor Drafter

  • Tim Eidner Drafter

  • Katrina Porcioncula Drafter

  • Lesvia Vega Drafter

  • Maureen P.M. Wolfe Project Manager I