Douha Ellis RA

Studio Director

Whatever good things we build end up building us."

Douha is a licensed architect in New York State. She has more than 20 years of experience in retail Architectural design and construction.

Douha started her career on the retailer side of business working with Forever 21. She has amassed broad expertise in high end, big box and shopping centers development through work with clients such as Walmart, Lowes, Target, Thomasville, H-Mart, Armani, Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologies, Cotton On, Ann Taylor, Tiffany, Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret & Pink. Douha’s Expertise includes prototype development for roll-out projects and all aspects of retail project management, from schematic design to store opening.

Team Members

  • Richard T. Torres Senior Project Manager

  • Grissel Abreu-Garcia Senior Project Manager

  • Yaakov Lisker Senior Project Manager

  • Helen Geller Senior Project Manager

  • Jorge Yparraquirre Project Manager I

  • Lydia Sabet Project Manager I

  • Rosemarie Maxwell Project Manager I

  • Mohamed Mohamed Project Manager I

  • Lefterie Kavo Project Manager I

  • Armando Larenas Martinez Project Manager II

  • Robert Bauer Assistant Project Manager

  • Adam Zambelli Assistant Project Manager

  • Nevnihal Durhan Gani Assistant Project Manager

  • Anh To Assistant Project Manager

  • Michael Theresa Assistant Project Manager

  • Martin Gomez Lead Draftsperson

  • Brianda Sosa Santos Lead Draftsperson

  • Huda Drou Lead Draftsperson

  • Sasha Kadkwai Drafter

  • Verna Ghimire Drafter

  • Elona Pashko Drafter

  • Kruti Patel Drafter

  • Bryan Veloso Drafter

  • Shyan Kvdonjohn Drafter

  • Atisha Mootha Anand Mootha Drafter

  • Liam Cooke Drafter | Intern

  • Jessie Bernardo Drafter | Intern