Restaurant Week: It’s More Than Food

Restaurant Week has become growingly more and more popular nationwide in the past few decades, but what is it and why is it so important? Since its first iteration in New York in 1992, many foodservice establishments throughout the country still debate on the importance of the event and whether to participate or not. How does it benefit your business?

To start, Restaurant Week is an event that draws in new customers and keeps existing clients satisfied and interested with prix fixed menus. This enables customers to try different types of food and connect with their local communities. It’s an opportunity to support local non-profits at the same time take advantage of the discounts. 

Creativity is key during Restaurant Week and you want to inspire and present your restaurant to the public with an enticing menu, excellent service and exquisite ambiance. It’s a perfect time for restaurants to showcase themselves and stand out in the already crowded industry. To increase customer satisfaction, restaurants need to develop a unique dining environment and experience.

Space and layout matter and you want your restaurant’s design to function. Today, restaurant owners are maximizing their space and slowly moving away from the typical room full of tables with new seating lounge designs. Depending on the theme of your restaurant, lighting, color and décor make a huge impact on the ambiance of your space. Consider large windows and natural lighting, as sunlight affects people psychologically and influences health.

Don’t overlook the importance of interior design and layout for your restaurant. The flavor or your interior should match the flavor of your menu. Restaurant Week is the most edible time of the year for areas like New York, Arizona, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and more. The gastronomical affair gives restaurants the chance to show their existing customers and potential customers an overall grand experience.

Sean McGuiness stated, “At Sargenti, we promote our teams participating in restaurant week. With offices in LA, NJ/NYC, Philly, London, Dallas (BBQ) and Arizona – we are living in great food cities. It gives our teams the opportunity to break out of their comfort zone, try new food experiences. It also promotes the restaurant industry and that is our community. We love supporting chefs and operators and want them to succeed, grow and progress food culture!”