Hospitality: How Space Affects Business

Hospitality is one area of business where customers are harder to please than any other industry. Today, travelers are looking for a timeless guest experience that includes hotel and room cleanliness, complimentary products, excellent customer service, state-of-the-art technology and an attractive hotel space.  First impressions really count and everything from the hotel entrance to the guest room can either positively impact customers or turn them away. 

Great design in hospitality is meant to draw the attention of guests and immense them into another realm. You want them to feel as if they are being transported to another place from their everyday lives. The design element must be done accurately to reflect the brand itself from the moment they check-in to when they leave. Hotels need to create a space with a visual narrative that will be remembered by guests long after they check-out. 

Connecting your brand with your guests emotionally starts by understanding what style your hotel holds. Does your hotel have a more modern, traditional, industrial or perhaps eclectic vibe? Your style sets the tone throughout the space from architectural elements, furniture, décor items, textiles, flooring and wall coverings. It triggers an individual’s sensations and elicits a certain feeling.

Your color choice is also extremely important and has a powerful impact on guests’ emotions. For instance, if you go with cool and calming colors such as blue, turquoise or teal, you can easily create a tropical feel. However, if you want to give your hotel a more elegant and luxury feel, white and off-white shades will provide that bold statement. The trick is to stay consistent with the interior décor so that it doesn’t confuse your guests and how they feel each time they enter a new room.

Your hotel is your home-away-from-home and having a space that meets the latest guest demands and brand standards makes it all the better. Architecture plays a significant role and that includes everything from layout, ventilation, décor and even something as simple as water pressure. You have to find out what the purpose of your hotel’s space is and design accordingly.

The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving, and the competition is growing. The brands that are succeeding are the ones who are staying ahead of the curve and exceeding their own expectations. Recognize the purpose of your hotel, determine its style and keep up with the trending technology that guests are looking for in their next stay.