Beth-Ann Rosenbluth

Managing Director - Philadelphia

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”

As the Managing Director for the Philadelphia Studio, Beth-Ann ensures that all our new and existing clients are properly managed and highly satisfied with our design services, customer service, and technical design documentation.

She opened the office in Philadelphia for SARGENTI in 2013 and has established a dynamic team in the studio with national and international clients.  Beth-Ann has oversight for all day-to-day business operations of the Philadelphia office and her role encompasses team strategy, financial management, working with our human resources department, and new business development. Her 20+ years of experience in marketing, business, and communications has her also directing the marketing and public relations events for our SARGENTI Philadelphia Design Team. Her efforts have helped to shape SARGENTI’s culture and elevate SARGENTI’s presence throughout the country.

Team Members

  • Glenn Sarsale AIA, NCARBSenior Project Manager

  • Per Anders Sandström Project Manager

  • Donna Zayon Project Manager

  • Kristin Ionata Project Manager

  • Kyle Blackwell Assistant Project Manager

  • Gentjana Jed Assistant Project Manager

  • Hunter P. Decker Assistant Project Manager

  • David Liu Junior Designer

  • Ahyoung Song Junior Designer

  • Shannon McLaughlin Junior Designer

  • Julie Pepitone Junior Designer